Tuesday, January 13, 2009

About Me

Let me introduce myself (This is a blog about me after all). My name is Matthew Doll and I'm a Student at the University Of south Florida in the Master's of Architecture and Community Design Program. I have completed the first series of Design Studios (D1,D2,D3) and will be going on to Advance Design this summer.

I seem to have a natural talent to create. I like creating almost anything that doesn't involve writing essays (I was very glad when I was done with college English classes). I like to design buildings and everyday things. I like using and computers and tinkering with them which let me hosting LAN Parties. I also like write software for the web. I also enjoy dabbling in video and visual effects.

I love learning new things. If there was no such thing as the real world, I would love to get degrees in subjects like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Film/3d Graphics. I like to study and analyze how things work. I taught myself html back in 7th grade becuase I couldn't get the geocities website creator to to do what I wanted and by ninth grade I learned PHP so I could create an even better site. You might ask "Why is this blog not running using your own software?" The simple answer is "It's not done yet" and Google hosts blogs quite well.

My current schedule is a bit strange because I got one of the few spot on the Architecture Study Abroad Trip to Japan. Which has let me to only be taking one class this semester and thus giving me time to blog. Currently I'm looking for a job interning at an architecture firm.

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