Friday, July 3, 2009

Japan Day 32 - Yokohama

Today we went to go see Yokohama. It's a city right outside of Tokyo. We primary went to go see the pier there.

Japan Day 32

It was designed by Foreign Office Architects and was finished in 2002

Its a crazy up and down curvy building almost like a piece of inhabitable sculpture and has a large public park on top. The pier is so crazy that one person said if they were to design something like this in architecture school the professor would fail them.

Japan Day 32

It looked cool but I didn't think it was that spectacular. Interesting to see yes, good building no. It didn't good job connecting with it surroundings and it lacked hierarchy and order (almost purposefully). To me, there wasn't enough emphasis on the main entrances and lacked something to pull your attention towards it. To me it looked like a blob covered in wood with a little grass thrown in for variety. The detail work on the construction was nice though

Japan Day 32

Then we went to go see china town and find lunch. Talk about competition- There were dozens of Chinese restaurants all lined up next to each other on both sides of the street. We ended up just going to one that looked cheaper. It was pretty good. I ordered a beef and vegetables dish that was good, it was spicier than I expected it to be.

We took another crowed train back and now its raining and I'm resting hoping my sore shoulders will feel better tomorrow.

More of the Day's Photos

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