Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Japan Day 30- Bye Kyoto

Well today was my last full day in Kyoto. Tomorrow we are headed to Tokyo for the final week. Its hard to believe that I've been here for a month already. Time flies when your having fun!

The only thing on the schedule today was to meet with Stan and go over our projects with him. I worked all morning getting my project put in the computer (although I got a bit sidetracked chatting with family online). I got the basics laid out and but then on the way to meet with Stan for my review at a near by restaurant, I had one of those Eureka! moments that made me completely shift all of my floor plans and frantically sketch out a new set of plans while i waited my turn. I think the project is much better now and Stan agreed. Now I have just about a month left to turn it into a final project.

Japan Day 30

After that I went to go see one last building in Kyoto that I had some how manged not to have run into yet- The Times building, by Tadao Ando. This building is one of Ando earlier works and it was interesting to see how his style has changed since. This building wasn't the traditional cast in place concrete that one typically thinks of when talking about Ando. The construction was mostly exposed concrete block but it still had some elements like the vertical slits that are common in Ando's Work.

Japan Day 30

We are planing to catch the 10:30 Shinkansen to Tokyo but we are making a stop somewhere in the middle to tour a factory where they make modular homes. Should be interesting.

So long Kyoto. Hopefully I'll come back and visit you again one day.

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