Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Japan Day 29 - Suntory Museum

Today we were scheduled to see the Suntory Museum by Tadao Ando but a lot of people had already seen it when a group went to see the Osaka Aquarium one of the free weekends. Since the museum is right next door, they went ahead and saw it while they were there. So it was just me and Dusty who headed down there today.

Japan Day 29

The museum is rather small with most of the building being an IMAX theater and then a small wing for special exhibit. I didn't really care to see the movie so I just saw the exhibit. It was all about Tadao Ando's works with water and was quite interesting. no pictures were allowed inside so that was disappointing because they had a large collection of Ando's original models of the projects.

Japan Day 29

I a bit sad today. On the way there, I forgot my umbrella on the train. It was my favorite umbrella too. I had manged to keep up with it for more than 4 years a record for me. O well, I check the train stations lost and found but nothing had been turned in yet.

Tomorrow we have a project review with Stan so now I'm frantically trying to get my project put into cad and try to have something nice to show.

Photos Day 29

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