Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Cool Site

I stumbled upon a new site of someone who is also looking a physical computing: Jee Labs
This is a daily weblog about my experiments based on the mix of electronics and computing called “Physical Computing”. I’m building little “sensor nodes” to measure electricity use, temperature, light, etc. which they transmit wireless to one of the central computers in the house. One goal is to better understand how we’re using electricity and how we’re heating the home, so that we can try to improve on it. We’ve achieved a roughly 15% reduction in the past year, simply by paying a bit more attention to everything. There’s still a lot to do, particularly with gas consumption, as our house is fully open and very hard to heat locally.
Looking through his site, he has mad his own arduino module and a whole set up components that can connect to it. I'm feeling inspired today by some of his experiments and bought some parts to build my first demo. More on that to come.

The US Partner of his parts is modern device

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