Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reading: No Place like Home

"No Place like Home" by Antje Flade, Scientific American Mind February/March 2007 pages 70-75.
"What makes a house feel like home?"

"What makes for a “good home”? Generally speaking,
five criteria seem especially important: contact with
neighbors, privacy, flexible usage, opportunities for personalization,
and security."

"That said, people have very different ideas about what
living accommodations should offer. These preferences
depend on age, culture, life circumstances and previous
housing experiences."
This article got me thinking about how whether adding more technology to our homes is a good idea. Do we want increased control or is it just increased complexity.  Will adding technology takeaway our feeling of home?  Will it enhance our feeling of home or will it cause us frustration? Perhaps there is a middle ground? I think it varies a lot from person to person. Some people want to always know whats going on in their house, but others want to leave out in the woods with only the basics.

I see my system as a way to simplify home maintenance and enable an owner to take better care of their house. I admit that it adds an additional layer of complexity to ones house but think as a society we will accept this increase. New cars today are a great example; the are becoming more and more automated. We are made instantly aware if there is an issue with the engine or if a tire has low air pressure. Most drivers are oblivious to all the work car's computer does and I see my system doing the same thing for buildings.

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