Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 37 Flight Home

Somehow I forgot publish this post.

::Think back 1 year::

I just got back in the US. Right now I'm waiting at the Detroit airport for my flight to Orlando.

The day started out a little stress full. It took me a while to get all of my souvenirs packed so they wouldn't break on the way home. So far so good...

My day today went like this:

12 am- Got back from bowling

5:15am- left hotel took the local jr train to the Shinksen station to catch the 6am train

5:45am- Arrived at Station

5:46am- realized that I had misread the schedule and that first train for Osaka (that I could ride) didn't leave until 6:34

6:33am boarded the Shinkansen

9:30am Arrived in Shin-Osaka


9:45ish caught the Kanisi Airport Limited Express
9:46am realized I got in the reserved car and had towalk through the cars to the unreserved section with all my luggage

10:30ish arrived at The airport

-took a view pictures on the way in.

10:35am Got to ticket counter and found out my flight departure time had been changed from 12:25 to 12:15

Went through security. No removing of shoes here

Took the train down to my gate- (If I was had gotten there early I would have walked and seen some more of the building)

11:26am got to the gate. Decided I had just enough time to get a few pictures and check out the lounge.

11:35am boarded the plane

1:55pm Arrived in Tokyo - we taxied forever to the gate- turns out we didn't even get one. we deplaned by stairs and took a bus to the terminal. Stood in security line forever. Its not good when a cog in the Japanese machine gets jammed. They check the size of my tripod with a measuring tape, Weird, right? They didn't check this last time.

2:40pm got on the plane they were already doing the last call over the speakers.

I was worn out a slept most of the trip.

Landed on time in detroit

Went through customs. Almost forgot my Camcorder Bag.

Went the Sky lounge and started typing this out.
Boarded Flight home.

Back in Florida!!!!
Well, I'm back home. It's amazing how quick one can leave one world and enter another.

The flight from Detroit to Orlando was one of the memorable I've had.  I sat next to this young guy who was built like a football player.  He tried to get a beer but he wasn't 21.  The flight attendant gave him quite a speech.

Now onto a crazy week long studio to finish my design project.

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