Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reading: Interactive Architecture

Interactive Architecture
"Interactive Architecture" by Michael Fox and Miles Kemp, 2009.

This book is amazing. It covers the changing paradigm of architecture in the 21st century. The book covers many aspects of my Master's Project from. the embedded computing to it's environmental impact and it's effect on the sociological and psychological implications. through the next week, I write about each of it's sections and my thoughts.

Physical Change - Kinetic Architecture

Embedded Computation

Project Landscape - Adaptable Space; Living, Working, Entertainment and Public Environments

Environmental Impact - Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Solutions, Environmental Cognizance

Enhancing and Extending Activities - Active Participation

Sociological and Psychological Implications - Changing Lifestyle Patterns, Behavior Awareness, Building Awareness, Sense of Place, Control of Space, Attachment to Space

Design and the Profession - Designing Interactive Systems, Economic Feasibility

New Horizons - Technology Transfer, Interface Design, Autonomous Robotics, Evolutionary Systems

“A new epoch has begun!”

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