Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Japan Day 1- First Real Taste of Japan

Whoa, The Sun rises at about 5am here so that was a bit of a shock. I got checked out of the hotel. I headed back to Kyoto Station and took some pictures of it. Kyoto Station is a train station, mall and hotel plus some all rolled into one. It is a very large modern building in a city of mostly traditional ones.

Japan Day 1

I got my bags out of the locker and got a taxi to Palaceside Hotel which is where our class is staying while we are in Kyoto. The street addresses in Japan are very confusing even to locals. It took the cabie a couple of looks at the address to know where the hotel was but when I got there, he got a word of English out- "Easy". I hate to know what hard is...

I walked into the hotel and was glad to see some of my classmates there already. I got checked in but my room wasn't ready yet but they could hold hold my bags until I could get the key at 2pm. So I hung out in the lobby, talked with classmates, sent an email home, surfed the internet and read the newspaper until I could. While I was waiting, my Professor, Stan Russell arrived. He invited every one to go out dinner together at 6.

At 2 I got my key and headed to my room to start unpacking, and got a quick nap until 6.

Japan Day 1

For dinner we went out to a conveyor belt sushi place which was cool. You just grab what you want to eat of the conveyor belt as it goes by and they tally your bill at the end based on your stack of plates. Most of the plates were priced at 105yen. For me it was cheap dinner because it only took 4 plates for me to be full. Having the professor there was invaluable because all of the food labels were in Japanese. I ended up having salmon, beef, and a sweet rice roll plates. I wanted to try the tuna too, but it I missed it going by at least twice. Overall, It was good!

Japan Day 1

After dinner, we took a walk through the shopping district which is huge. You can find almost anything you want there.

Internet at the hotel is only available in the lobby and isn't particularly fast so we'll see how much stuff I can get posted

Pictures Day 1

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