Friday, June 12, 2009

Japan Day 11- Ryoanji: YATUC

(Yet Another Temple Under Construction)

Today we had a more relaxed day to recover from yesterdays craziness. Today's assignment Stan gave us was to go see Ryoanji sometime before Monday and to meet with him in the afternoon.

Japan Day 11

I headed out with everyone who wanted to see Ryoanji in the morning with was little more than half of our group. Two Buses later we got there. We were sad to find out that main temple was also being renovated but we decided to go and see it any way. Ryoanji is famous for it's Zen Rock garden and is said to be the best example of it in japan. We paid our 500yen and went in to see the garden. The garden was interesting to see, but the atmosphere around was not conducive to experiencing the Zen of it. The everything except for the garden was wrapped in scaffolding as they worked on the building. The Hammering noise the crowds that brushed in and out made it difficult to really enjoy and the interior space weren't lite so we could see inside the temples rooms very well either. It was all very disappointing.

For lunch we went to Skylark which is like a Japanese Diner restaurant. The the main meal was good but I ordered a set with soup, drinks and dessert but the soup was pathetic, the They didn't have any flavors of soda I liked and I didn't like my dessert either. Oh well. Next time I'll save my money and order a-la-cart.

In the afternoon I meet with Stan and he liked my concept and Parti. I'll post it soon hopefully.

Pictures Day 11

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