Sunday, June 7, 2009

Japan Day 5 & 6- Busy weekend

The weekend was pretty calm. Most of the weekend was spent working on preparing the site analysis and resting my sore feet. Site analysis is done but my left foot still hurts. Most of us went out to dinner together Saturday.

Japan day 5 & 6

Interesting Observations
  • The Japanese people are very polite and they all take great pride in their jobs. I've never seen a happier McDonald's staff.
  • McDonald's is Super popular here. The line is often out the door at lunch time.
  • Japanese businessmen always wear suits. I haven't seen anyone headed to work whering anything more casual.
  • Trash cans are hard to find out in public, but the streets are squeaky clean.
  • They drive on the left side of the road here. (first country I've been to like that)
  • Taxis have their side mirrors mounted on the hood of their cars about half way up.
  • Clear plastic umbrellas are as common as the little black ones are in the US
  • When it is raining, every shop puts out a rack to hold your wet umbrella.
  • It appears that AT&T has a monopoly on wifi service here. Very hard to find free access.
  • Cash is the main form of payment here. very few restaurant accept credit cards (and those that do try to discourage it)
  • I have a nice 1yen (equivalent to our penny) coin collection going.
  • They use the metric system even though their native measurement system more closely resembles the US system.
  • Western music is very popular. our hotel has been playing Disney themes in the lobby and I've heard american pop music being sung on street corners.
  • Melon flavored Fanta Soda tastes more like bubblegum. I think I'll stick with orange
Photos Day 5 & 6

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