Friday, June 19, 2009

Japan Day 17 - Kyoto Institute of Technology

Today we started our design charette with the students of KIT (Kyoto Institute of Technology). This is going to be very interesting. We met a 10:30 at KIT for a lecture from their professor Waro Kishi.

Japan Day 17

Another professor joined in and gave us a brief history of the Japanese home and then Waro Kishi presented some of his work. I'm happy to report, It's just not Americans who have trouble getting computers and projectors to work together. They have just as much trouble over here.

Afterwords they gave out the program- Our project is to design 3 infill houses on three sites of our choice in one of the remaining traditional neighborhoods. They split us up in to random groups with about 2 of us and 2 of them.

Then, went out for lunch in the KIT cafetiria. I wish USF had something like this. I had a nice peice of chicken, potatoes and rice for about 380yen (about $4). Afterwords we all crammed on a city bus and went to visit the site.

Japan Day 17

There were a bunch of good choices for sites to pick from and it was hard to narrow down. By the time we finally picked something it was dinner time.

Japan Day 17

We went out as group for dinner. I have too many crazy stories to share than what I have time to type so you'll have to wait until I get back....

Pictures Day 17

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